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How To Stay Safe While Being Social Online

The Era Of Internet:

This is the world of internet which has brought everyone closer. You can interact with your social circles through mobile phones, laptops and computers. Social media platforms like twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. have now made it easier for you to interact with anyone. Nowadays everyone is on social media platforms irrespective of their caste, age and creed. There are so many positive aspects of being socially active as you can interact with anyone right through your cell phones. It not only has positive aspects but there are negative sides also such as a recent study has shown that online harassment has been increasing since people have become socially active. There are many forms of online harassment. Some of the common forms are listed below-

  • Cyber stalking– The basic level of cyber stalking mostly faced by women today is when they receive unknown messages from strangers. These disturbing messages from strangers can sometimes be terrifying as it can easily occur to anyone.
  • Identity theft– When you are on social media you share your personal information with others such as your educational background, photographs, age and your relationships. This gives great opportunity to the fraudsters to commit unlawful act.
  • Media liability– On social media platforms people are free to share their opinions or express their views but there might be chances where people can misinterpret your opinions for example if you create a blog and it is hacked then the hacker takes control over all your content and makes your content offensive and abusive.

Now how can you protect yourself from these threats? Do not worry here are some basic practices which you can follow to protect yourself from such situations. Here are the reasons of how to stay safe while being social online.

  • Do not share your personal information on social media.
  • Always set strong passwords for your account and never share it with anyone.
  • Never share your e-mail address or phone number on social media platform.
  • Set a strong privacy setting of your social profile and make sure that your profile is not public.
  • Never engage yourself with strangers.
  • Always accept requests of your friends or known users.

These are the several measures that will keep you protected from the social media hackers. The internet has changed many people’s lifestyles and everyday communication. It is a source of useful information but it can also be negative at times. Most of the time it is secured but there are number of risks as well. If you find yourself in a trouble or in an uncomfortable situation you can report the incident as soon as possible. Cyber cell is also available 24/7 to make you feel protected from online threats. You can lodge a complaint in the cyber cell. If you want to deal or tackle these threats always consider the above mentioned measures to keep yourself away from online hackers. To keep yourself safe when you are socially online always use some online security tips that will help you to protect yourself from online hacking. This will help you to acquire peace of mind.

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